October 18, 2014

Birthday Dinner + Kevin's bday!

I've been so swamped with midterms, projects and organizations that it's showing in my blog > < I'm hoping I can at least post one or two a week though starting now till i'm able to catch up.

Nevertheless, I had my birthday back in August on the 25th, and I turned 22! My friends came to celebrate it with me at a nice Chinese buffet not too far from my new apartment and it went well! I wore the same dress I mentioned on my haul video that night and temporarily switched to the wig I wore earlier this year which explains the different style.
Kyle never ceases to amaze me with her outstanding cakes like this Rilakkuma one she made for everyone that evening. Like dang girl, BLESS YOU! Have you guys seen anything like it?
After some slices were nommed on, he was left earless...
Poor guy. But he still remained just as cute as a button after he went deaf which is all that matters, right? I can't seem to find where on earth I placed all of the photos from this night sadly with my friends but I think I remember having Kevin film more than take pictures so I'll be sure to share the dinner footage on my channel when I get that vlog up.

Pictures of me with my sister and my friend Nikkita made it somehow though!
I nearly cried when I saw the overwhelming amount of gifts I was given on this year. I'm not sure why people wanted to spoil me so much but I could have not received anything other than their company and still have been happy! I don't think I shared a wishlist this year too for that reason but do realize how grateful I am for all of them and the cute cards!

To share my treasured presents, here's a compilation for you all to browse through.

I also got a beautiful Michael Kors bag from Kevin and I'll share that when I do a What's In Your Bag Tag on here soon!

They honestly gave me such really USEFUL presents! I use most of these for school, home decor, outfits and more ^ ^ So thank you everyone who was able to show me love on my special day! I promise to do the same on your bdays and I'll do my best to come to your celebrations like you did for mine! My friends are everything, I swear.

Since we're on the topic of birthdays, guess who had his last month? My boo bear!
I made a group message on Facebook with all of our mutual friends so we could get together and celebrate his birthday since he rarely does. I was so glad we picked the perfect restaurant to do it at too because they did a Chinese lion dance for him and lit his cake too which was so much fun! I hope to keep making his birthdays bigger and bigger each year too! Sure it's a little stressful on my end, but it's worth it as long as his goofy self is happy.

After the dinner, we went back to my apartment, played games and watched videos on my new desktop so it was a great time spent with our friends overall! Good vibes everywhere, we couldn't ask for more!
I'm hoping I can go to some Halloween parties this month but I need to get out two of my videos out asap before the actual day! I best you guys wanna see updated make up tutorials so I figured this would be a fun way to kick it off again! It's been nearly a year!

I'm going to try and edit more photos to talk about in a separate blog post so I hope you guys have a great weekend! Before I go, I have to share two anime series that you guys must watch to get your Halloween spirits up! Both are pretty popular but just in case here you go!
I feel like Shiki starts off faster than my other favorite horror anime Another so you will be able to get hooked within the first couple episodes or so and when it closes to an end it's like you can't stop clicking the next episode link because of how much they pull you into the story line as it unravels. Small thing I sort of didn't like was the way they drew some of the main male characters eyes (Dr. Ozaki and Natsuno) and the air of the girl in the image. It looks awkward lol but that's just me being picky!
TG is what everyone was talking about this summer along with S2 Free but I can't seem to get into the other anime that was hyped up besides this one! It is so interesting and shockingly made me cry about two times! It's not just gore and violence but I enjoyed seeing the character development of Ken in particular. *hint hint* I might want to do a tutorial on someone from this series but I won't say who just yet so stay subbed to my channel.

Okay, now I'm gone!!
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  1. Emi Doll (恵美)10/19/14, 4:44 AM

    So lovely ^^ Which reminds me my that my beloved's birthday is coming soon ^_____^/

    And Shiki, I have watched, not as scary as I thought but I think it's slow paced at first and I remember getting annoyed XDD

    I think for Halloween...I will re-watch Ghost Hunt XDD

    恵美より ♥


  2. Awh it looks like you had lots of fun on both birthdays! You are gorgeous <3 And so many cute presents!

  3. That cake is adorable! Glad you guys had fun <3

    I'm so hyped for TG season 2 omfg.

  4. I'm happy that you and Kevin had wonderful birthdays, and you look sooo lovely! I'm gonna have to watch TG because I've heard great things about it and the art style looks really good :)

  5. I also enjoy watching TG, it's a great show. ^^
    Oh, and happy belated birthday! Seems like you had a good one and got some nice presents.

  6. Ho this cake is so cute!! <3
    And lovely presents too, happy belated birthday!

  7. Awww. Happy belated birthday!

  8. Happy belated birthday! That rilakkuma cake is sooooo cute. Your friend is so super sweet for making it for you. <3

    Btw also just wanted to let you know I've changed my blog address because my old domain got expired. Please visit my new blog at www.sweet-honeydew.net ^___^

  9. I feel you on the dramas! I'm barely finishing You Who Fell From The Stars but I have a billion others to watch afterwards ; ___ ; My anime list is a bit shorter though.

    Good luck!!


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