December 11, 2014

20,000 Subscriber Giveaway! + Updates

My deepest apologies blog readers! Managing YouTube on top of school work and a blog has proven to be damn near impossible for me especially being in five classes this semester. I just couldn't do it as much as I wanted to and I hope you forgive my short hiatus. At least it didn't last too long.

Truly though, I do miss posting on here and  interacting with the other blogs I regularly follow. If everything goes according to plan, I'm going to hop back into the swing of things this winter break. I'll do my best to catch up with reviews in particular since I have a lot to talk about (I always say this -.-)!

While I was away I was working on tons of projects including putting together a giveaway for my YouTube channel that hit over 20,000 subscribers recently! *backflips* I'm so lucky to have had such awesome followers to make that possible for me so here's me showing thanks for your kindness! Check out the prizes below!

No but seriously that plushie and tote bag are both super big, I love it! 

I'm also throwing in some fun letters too for all the winners! Learn how to join by watching the video down below!!
Good luck!!

I'm sure many of you in school are rounding up your semester like myself with finals and projects perhaps. After realizing how much stuff I needed to get completed in such a short period of time, I literally was about to have a breakdown a few nights ago but was able to get composure over myself. It was pretty awful because of how backed up my work was and truthfully, it was due to me being an idiot by procrastinating all of my work till the last minute. Luckily my professors love me enough to not make it a big deal like I was at first (bless you EMAC program for constantly being so good to me!). 

Grades won't be posted for a while but I'm feeling much more confident about getting all A's again but that thought of getting a B or worse, a C was what made me freak out so much over my work.

With that said, I'd like to remind everyone who's in my position with school that during this time, please try not to beat yourselves up over getting the best grade too much because I know a lot of people who not only stress out like hell around this time but also go into deep funks and minor depression. Not saying I went through that, but if you feel like everything is too much feel free to talk to me about it by sending me a message.

To end things on a better note, it's confirmed Kevin and I will be moving in together next spring for sure! I really wish the best for his parents when they move back to China though. You guys send him and his family all of your prayers and positive energies while they go through this transition into their new chapter in life. I will also do the same. Anyway, let me end but expect posts to come more frequently while I play catch up! Till then!
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  1. Congrats on 20,000 followers hun! :)

    I'm sure you did fantastic on your final exams and projects.

    Best of luck to you and Kevin on this new chapter of your life/his family's. Have a good holiday season. :) <3

  2. Eeeeek congratulations bby! You deserved it <3
    And I'm really happy that you and Kevin are moving in together! Hope it all goes well!

  3. Aww Lizzie *hugs* lol thank you!~

    Girl I been waiting for this time to come for 5FREAKINGEVAR! lol I hope everything goes smoothly more so for him and his parents. But I told him that maybe if we study abroad this summer in Korea he can visit them or something? lol it's a thought at least.

  4. Thank you Tifa!! I will have to wait and see haha and I wish you the same with your holidays! Eat lots of food and cherish the moments with your family and friends!!


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