December 23, 2014

Galaxxxy Dress from Fairytale Boutique

Only two more days until Christmas! How excited are you all? So far, I've been spending time these last few days with some of my favorite people! I even got a chance to meet an online friend of mine (check out her channel here!) but I'll vlog about that soon!

Remember when I went to LA? In one of the vlogs, I showed how we went into this adorable boutique and they had adorable lolita accessories and dresses everywhere! 

It was the Fairytale Boutique located in Little Tokyo in LA. They sell Japanese street fashion like lolita and gothic pieces, although I mostly saw more lolita styles. To my surprise, their prices weren't outrageous like I originally assumed they would be which is the reason why I left with a new dress to add to my collection from there!

Ever since I heard about Galaxxxy, I knew it'd be yet another brand I'd be too broke to ever own but they happened to have this dress there that day and guess how much it was?

As you can see, the dress got wrinkled right after my steamer clogged up on me so sorry about the appearance of the material.

Wearing dresses with tiers of ruffled layers always makes me feel dainty and cute! But with the gold print trim on the black sheer fabric, it helps create an elegant look as well
Inside of the dress, there is an opaque slip that falls just where the ends of my fingers when placed to my sides so I usually wear a cute black ruffled miniskirt underneath and some shorts.
Recently, I wore it out to go to a friend's graduation dinner and I honestly was feeling myself way too much that night!

Hopefully I am able to buy more when I go to Japan next summer!

On some other news, I am getting sponsored a butt load of circle lenses to review soon and also giveaway! I've never been sent so many pairs of lenses at once before so I'm pretty stoked right now and can't wait for you to see the ones I picked out! Later today, I'm going to film a dance video with my girl Tima so wish me luck! 
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  1. Very cute! I like your choice of necklace, it really suits the outfit ^__^ <3

  2. Thanks darling!! <3

    I love it it goes with a lot of my outfits!

  3. Orchid Sahara12/29/14, 10:11 AM

    Adorable and I really love your hairstyle <3

  4. What a cute dress! I really like the gold accent, it adds a very holiday feel look to it! <3

  5. I really suggest you some kind of purses, for example: wholesale purses

  6. I really love the dress its so princess like ♥

    suits you very well ^^


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