December 16, 2014

Preview of Taobao Haulin' With Cheapagency!~

Guess what? After dealing with so much this semester both with school and personal conflicts, I figured I'd eventually want to spoil myself to make sure I wouldn't be too much in a rut after this was all over and done with. Thankfully, my sponsor over at cheapagency was kind enough to allow me a chance to use their services again when shopping on taobao and I as able to pick out a lot of cute things which aren't all from the same stores I usually purchase from for once!
My parcel was already shipped out as of yesterday so soon you will see me reviewing what I got on there on my blog and YouTube channel! Like most agencies, they use EMS shipping so everything comes rather quickly with them! Let's get into what I picked.


When I first read the title describing this wig, it said it was Atsuko Maeda's from AKB0048 but I have no clue who she is. I was just in love with the gradient style of these two gorgeous shades of purple in this long bob wig! Seems like I can never stray too far away from purple hair. Plus the price seemed quite reasonable.
Speaking of two toned wigs, here's yet another gorgeous one I found! Ever since this trend of ash colored hair began, I've always wanted to try it out for myself but there was no way I was going to do so on a wig I made considering how I'm no professional colorist! Most likely I'd screw up somehow and immediately follow up that up with regretting the idea entirely so getting a wig that's made to look just the way I want is definitely not a terrible option to look into.

Best of all, it's inspired by Ayamo and Amo, an adorabe edgy pair of Harajuku models!

Out of all the wigs I currently own, not a single one has cute clip on pony tails like a lot of the cute lolitas and local cosplayers have on their wigs so as my first one I got this brown colored one since I wanted to keep it somewhat natural to wear with different styles. When I buy another one like this, which I will without a doubt, it'll probably be extra curly!

Expect a buttload of videos and pictures of me wearing not just this one but all of these wigs! They give me several ideas of lookbooks and photoshoots that it's satisfyingly overwhelming.


This time I didn't want to get too many since I wanted to stay within Cheapagency's budget. As simply as it may seem, for some reason I couldn't resist getting this plaid frayed shawl to wear over my darker outfits for when I feel like taking inspiration from Nana or something. There are scarves I own that might recreate the same appearance but the material looks thick and warm compared to them, so I still got it regardless.
Do I need more hoodies? Absolutely not. But this is an exception! Look at that sick design! I would love to have more designs like this in my wardrobe but they have to still represent me as an individual. 

When browsing through stores that sell Harajuku street fashion on aliexpress I've seen so many that represent something on it that doesn't apply to me at all! Do you guys ever feel that way about this kind of fashion? 

For instance, I've never bought any of the trending BOY London clothes because I had no clue what his brand was all about to begin with so I feel like a poser. Same with the graphic hoodies with symbols that make no sense to me! As cool as they all look, knowing exactly what I'm wearing is pretty important to me. The Hello Kitty on the back of this hoodie was enough for me to get this one!~


Not much to say in this category other than how much I've been wanting to get thigh highs that don't look like they're squeezing out a tube of sausages out of my legs. I think I got a couple of these actually in black and white.
Pretty sure I got these in black only. They won't squeeze my legs any kind of way since they're tights that imitate thigh highs, I wish there were more like it. Plus it says these are bobon21's new velvet soft pantyhouse so I'm looking forward to feeling the texture of them! 
Every dolly style wearer needs a bunch of these kind of trim laced socks! I got them in both pink and white and I've never owned pink ones so I can't wait to try them out.

That's it for my preview for my Taobao haul I will do soon. You guys should check out cheapagency if you're thinking of getting a friend a cute gift off of any taobao store here!

Other than that, I'm going to head off to school soon after I eat my late lunch to work on my essay all day. My final exam went super well yesterday and this is the absolute LAST thing I have left to do school wise so I'm going to slay on it!

But before I go here's a sneak peak to me and Kevin's next video I'll be uploading sometime this week for you all!

Hint: It's a TAG!~
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  1. Nice haul preview. I used to shop on aliexpress all the time, but I stopped partly because their quality has gone down and they do have a lot of weird brands/clothing/designs that are unknown or hard to understand.

    But I love the Hello Kitty hoodie. I never actually wear hoodies, but if I did, I would definitely get that one just to add to my ever growing collection of Hello Kitty stuff.

  2. Aren't they? Goodness, it's such a risk for me but one of my lolita friends told me she uses it regularly and has never had problems. Also that their customer service is pretty swell o__o haha!

    Thank you! I actually wear hoodies sparsely during this time of year since it's usually around the 30s or 40s > < I hope it works out for you if you do get it!

  3. Oh my gosh I need that Hello Kitty jacket in my life <3

  4. Emi Doll (恵美)12/22/14, 12:26 PM

    I hope balancing life isn't too stressing for you ^^

    I love the cute cute things here, especially the socks and purple wig!!!!

  5. You'd look adorable in it Lizzie!~
    Taobao has some of the best clothes, I swear!

  6. Now it's kind of calmed down since school has been over so I'm doing better now thank you for your concern Emi! You're always so sweet!!

    Haha yeah I love purple hair and socks are always needed for cute dolly outfits! Thank you <3

  7. Orchid Sahara12/29/14, 10:13 AM

    That Hello Kitty jacket is perfection


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