December 31, 2014

Top 10 Things That Made 2014 MY Year!

Here we are Lovefys. The end of what has been the best year for us! Albeit I had less posts this year than the years before, I went through a lot of positive and negative changes that has better defined me as an individual. This post is going to be about the accomplishments and lessons I've learned this year with the help from my family, friends, and of course you, my beautiful followers!
I figured it'd be fun to create a list of at least 10 significant moments I will take with remember from this year. We're gunna do this in chronological order starting all the way back in January. Let's go!

1. After 3 agonizing years, I completed my braces treatment!

Look at those straight teeth! Never in my life have I ever seen myself being brave enough to wear braces 3 years ago but after my mom realized how badly my teeth were getting, she felt obligated in getting them fixed for me. Being non-insured, she paid a pretty penny to have my teeth correctly aligned and as a single mother, it was a lot for her to do which is why I appreciate her every time I realize how beautiful my smile is today. I still have a tendency to smile with my lips together but I feel like it's a habit that's gradually going away. I certainly am thankful for getting them off though and am glad I no longer have to deal with getting them tightened.

2. Establishing a New Annual Tradition - Korean Spas!

I never thought I'd anticipate visiting spas as frequently throughout the year as much as I do now! Since Kevin and I first went to Spa Castle in January, I've always wanted to experience going back again at least once a month with my friends and/or family. Even if we do not spend a night at the hotel like we did the first time, being immersed in their calming saunas, lounging areas, heated pools with water jets, walking on their heated floors, and so on makes me go gooey! I finally understand the reason why people pay a pretty penny to go to them now and it honestly is the best way to clear your head. Last night, Kevin and I went together to a different one that was still about as awesome as the first one. The timing was perfect since this was right after a mess of a night I had previously with my roommate. It really helped me detox out all of the negativity more than I think anything else would have for me so it was convenient for us to go there that morning.

3. Anime Matsuri '14

As much as I resented several different aspects of that convention, it did also carry with it many amazing moments for me as well. Never will I forget how I was able to take pictures with influential role models like Akira and Reika. Although I missed their panel, I took pictures with the lovely ladies from Korea's dance group Waveya!  I'll also always remember how both my friend Audrey and I were able to touch the kneecap of Teddyloid--creator of my newest favorite song MEMEME!
I'll also never forget the beautifully put together fashion show and musical they had there. AM14 gave me the chance to be inspired like with all cons that I attend.

4. My First Kpop Concernt - B.A.P.

Thanks to TheFaceShop in Dallas, I was able to win my chance to see B.A.P. perform live at their Live On Earth Tour when they came down here with Kevin! Before this, I've never seen a kpop group perform. Not knowing what to expect, I went there not having any kind of expectations. When we go there I met up with a lot of my fans and friends in the line! The performance was amazing and I made new friends who were sitting near us as well. After that day, I knew kpop concerts were definitely going to be on my list of things to seek out in the future...well. So long as I give enough of a crap about the artists! Because let's be real, they aren't cheap! 

5. Celebrating Our 3 Year Anniversary

Already? Well damn! Hahahaha! Admittedly, I have made a post or two about how Kevin and I have had fights to where we nearly broke up last year. I've always been quite honest with you all since I know you are interesting in seeing our relationship continue to progress for the future but unfortunately for us, this has been the year where we have fought the most out of all of the 3 we have been together.. They mainly consist of silly disagreements and misunderstandings between one another and it was like a rollercoaster. Even during the times when I'd hoped we'd bond from a particular experience, we'd still find something to fight about. I'd rather not go into specifics, neither do I ask for advice on how to deal with our relationship problems.

But you know something I've taken from each one of them? Every time we kiss and make up, we are stronger. Our arguments are based on factors that are no different from the ones that my sister and my bff would have with me in the past. Guess what though? The stability I have with them today is a result of those fights and apologies being made to the other person time and time again. Without having disagreements with your friend, I feel like I don't really know who you are. Kevin and I are simply dealing with that part of our relationship where we are learning and accepting each others differences. I feel like people who have been in serious relationships understand this and those who haven't eventually will when their time comes.

Since our last argument, he and I agreed to do everything in our power to fight through this tough time. We'll be living together shortly to help reduce feelings over not seeing each other as much too which I look forward to more than anything now more than ever. I'll be looking forward to our 4th year anniversary next year too!

6. KCON 2014 + LA + Meeting MilesJai

My decision to go to KCON and stay in LA was so spontaneous but it was the best decision I believe I made all year. If I didn't get to go, I'd have missed my chance in meeting so many creative and amazing people like soundlyawake! I wouldn't have realized how many Lovefys live in LA and I also wouldn't have gotten the chance to meet  my friend Miles (MilesJaiProductions). Miles has taught me so much about loving myself with and without the wigs and make up I wear for my videos. He's also taught me to truly love yourself in the presence of others who attempt to make you weak like the experience at the comedy club he talked about in his video here. He's really been more of a friend to me than some people I tried befriending this year have and I really appreciate him so much for being there for me.

LA was also a beautiful city full of places to explore and document. If I had more time, I'd have done more videos while I was there. Sadly, my waifu Tima (aka timaloveslemons) will be moving there this summer to be reunited with her bf Kevin but I will be sure to visit her as often as I can! 

7. Moving Into My First Apartment

Watch my room tour here!~
Originally, I wasn't going to bother listing this one as a great event that's happened to me this year but I think I will despite all the shit that's happened since I made this decision. 

Like with anyone, moving in was stressful. But even with that being the case, I have never seen myself be more of an adult since my adulthood began. I am unsure of where it all came from, but seeing how capable I was of taking care of multiple tasks and important actions with such efficiency gave me a great boost of confidence! To realize how natural it was for me to be organized and responsible was an eyeopener for me. I'm no longer the same teenager that I was a few years ago with an immature mentality. Although I'm still letting go from being dependent on my family, I've come a long way in learning how to do things on my own.

It's funny because as much as my mom would lecture me about cleanliness and I would ignore her, I believe she has honestly been so good to me for teaching me at such an early age about how to take after your mess. The daily home care things I think is just common sense isn't for some people and it's all thanks to my mother and late father.

I also have the patience of a God when it comes to putting up with certain things from people but am proud to say that I know how to stand my ground when I am feeling that my kindness is being taken advantage of. I am small, but my mom didn't raise a punk! You all should also stand up for what you believe is wrong and never back down from someone if you know you aren't in the wrong. Not even for a second! Hold your ground and remain consistent with your position. I had to deal with so much you much with my roommate. But time is coming to where I am almost out of here. I'm so close and that's honestly the only thing that's keeping me from going insane! 

Moving into my apartment has also taught me how to be a better pet parent to Hachi. He's had several accidents because of how no one bothered house training him before so now, he knows when to whine at me if ever he needs to do his business. Rain or shine, he gets walked twice a day everyday and I can see he's a happier dog now because of it.

8. Being a Special Guest--TWICE!

After meeting a lot of subbies at KCON, and then being approached to be a special guest at a Kpop related event, it all started to finally hit me that I am being watched by tens of thousands of people internationally! Not many people can say that but I feel so thankful to be one of the few that can. That moment gave me so much confidence and meeting so many new friends was again another inspirational moment for me to cherish. I invested in a cute banner for future events I will participate in which I hope for 2015 will be much more than this year!

9. Knowing Who My Real Friends Are

This one is a compilation of a series of events. As I continue to grow and connect with more people, I learned towards the last half of this year that there aren't as many friends in my life as I used to believe. The people who I used to think weren't good for me ended up being there for me in the end. The people who I used to think were good for me ended up being against me in the end. Life is so strange but I'm taking my experiences to share with others so they avoid making the same mistakes I did by trusting people too eagerly. Friendships are to be valued based on factors that appreciate over time. You can't have a friend who you've barely known and expect them to be compatible with you for months, weeks or even days to come. Sooner than later their true colors will show. You also can't expect others to be their own person if their mutual friend argues with you and avoid choosing sides. Sometimes, people like that elementary school mentality as 20 something year olds and that's just one of those things you'll have to accept and move on from. 

Lastly, you can't forget to thank people for being there for you when you need support the most. Without my best friends, I would have regretted doing a lot of things a few nights ago after being provoked at my apartment to do them. Love your best friends hard, like they are your own blood. Because to me, they always will be my family. Speaking of family, my sister is a straight up bad ass and I will never forget the solidarity she has continuously shown to me throughout my life, especially this particular year. I love all of my real friends and they know who they are. Thank you so much.

10. The year of bonding with so many Lovefys

Each year I try doing new things, visit new places, and experience more moments that include you! 2014 has brought so many chances for me to mingle with my followers and learn more about who you actually are individually. I met daughters, mothers, college graduates, high schoolers, and big time YouTubers who all watch my online content! With that said, this year, I appreciated it for giving me the opportunities to meet so many of you! Next year, I plan on meeting even more, doing even more and seeing even more...but with you. My Lovefys. 

Thank you 2014. You have been good to me. 

See you next year.

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  1. Wow. Everyone's 2014 looks so amazing. And your photos really help show how great it was. Wooohoo. I still can't believe this i 2015. We are in the future now. -thefuture- Weird.

  2. Happy new year lady! I'm so happy that you were able to accomplish so much^^ I wish you a super positive year filled with wonderful memories :) May your hair stay laid for the gods; I know you will continue to slay the game with your style, beauty, and amazing spirit!

  3. Happy New Year Crystal! I'm glad 2014 was kind to you ❤

    I feel you so hard on point #9. This year was rough for me but I'm so thankful to have such an amazing group of friends to support me through everything. I honestly probably wouldn't be here typing this to you if it wasn't for them.

    I hope 2015 is even more amazing for you cause you deserve all the happiness and success life has to offer you! ❤❤❤

  4. Great things! Yes, it's important holding your ground. I found myself having to do that a few times last year. Not always pleasant, and it saddens me that people like to take advantage of kindness, however such is the world. ^__^

  5. Aaah it looks like you had a great year! I really agree with no.9 - this year seems to be a year of discovering who your real friends are!

  6. Hope greater things will come for you this new year ^^

  7. Ophelias Harts1/4/15, 10:28 AM

    Wow moving into your own apartment is a big thing! It's something I'm hoping to do soon. May 2015 be very postive for you!

  8. Thank you I wish the same for you too!

  9. I did thank you! Hope yours went well too!!

    I think every year definitely bond more with my real friends but last year definitely showed me who were my real friends more than any other year has in a while! I'm thankful for it doing that at least.

  10. Oh gosh it really is important! People like to run all over you for being too kind or they assume you won't have any kind of limit to their bullshit but surprise surprise, we do! XD

  11. That's good Olivia, they are awesome for being there for you in your time of need. I'll never forget what they have done for me at all.

    And I hope you enjoy this year to the fullest because I plan to certainly do the same myself!

  12. omg > w < <3

    You're so sweet! Thank you Tapi I wish you the same as well! Haha honestly I wanna go through a billion hair colors this year, take more photoshoots, make more legit videos and meet more influential people! Thanks for being so awesome last year!! I hope your 2015 turns out fantastic!!

  13. Thanks Tia!! I can't either! I can so quickly!! lol I bet we're gunna say the same thing when 2016 gets here too.

  14. Oh and the look on their faces when we do! Here's to hoping 2015 will be a year with less BS. ^^

  15. I love reading about all your fun experiences!~ What a coincidence, I went to my first kpop concert this year too! It was 2PM's concert in Chicago haha. I totally wish I was there to see B.A.P. too, I love them ^_^

    Looking forward to another great year with you! c:

  16. Seems like you had such a great and wonderful year in 2014. May your 2015 be a more amazing year! ^____^ I think my best highlights for 2014 was my big trip to Japan. I hope I will be able to do more amazing things in 2015 to make it a memorable year too. =)


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