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Guess who got herself a new hair flat iron recently guys? lol I actually have been meaning to buy a new one ever since I saw how crappy my baby pink colorsis has been behaving lately. It doesn’t get hot evenly or maintain it’s temperature for long >:c Very annoying if you ask me so I didn’t wanna deal with it anymore although I’ll still using it every once in a blue moon I suppose before I figure out how to completely get rid of it without throwing it away. But when I was doing some research for decent affordable flat irons, this one continuously kept popping up like it was fate or something! I didn’t just want a flat iron that would work well with weaves/wigs but also with my own relaxed hair and this is the staightener apparently ideal for those with relaxed hair textures. I saw the reviews on this site called and they were so good! I made sure to look at the ones that were similiar to my criteria which I highly suggest you all do if you ever go on that site, it will give you a better idea as to whether or not their products will work best for you…I wish all sites had that feature. Anyway, I ordered it on a Sunday or Monday and it arrived on Thursday that week. Shipping was totally free so for that price I was amazed at how fast it took to get here~! Although I do believe they may be located somewhere in the US so that could’ve been why but still. The price of the flat iron itself was only $129.95 since it was %20 off it’s original price (approx. $160) which wasn’t a problem since it was the same exact price I paid for my colorisis a few years ago. So far, this flat iron has done wonders with my weaves! I’ll share pics of when I had my painful sew-in (lawl) and the curls it gave me for you guys near the end of this post but first here’s eveything that was included in the package that I ordered.

All the specs of this bad boy.
More reasons why this straightener is pure awesome sauce.

Everything was paid for except the iron glove. That was thrown in as a free gift…such a damn good deal if you ask me hoenstly! If none of you own any of these, I suggest giving one a go if you can get your hands on one. It’s so quick to put it away after I’m done flat ironing my hair. Normally without it, I find myself leaving it out to cool down to reduce chancings of causing a fire. Anyway, I also bought the gaurdian angel balm from got2b and this stuff smells heavenly! It’s like I sprayed perfume all over my hair withou the fear of thinking my hair is going to dry out or catch on fire if I’m near an open flame of some sort 🙂 Meh, I was more impressed with the fact that it protects up to 410 degrees and my flat iron goes up to 450! They also threw in the John Frieda heat protectant styling spray and I love that stuff as well, I might go buy me the larger size later on down the road. I think I like it a little bit more than the guardian angel for the texture it gives to my hair in comparison.

Only issues I have with this flat iron is that the color is so not me T^T I wish they had it in pink or white but they didn’t have the choice on folica and I really wanted to use their deal so I just swallowed it and caved in. More importantly, if your hair is super texturized you need to set it on the at the very least 410 degree setting for you to get your hair super straight and flowy looking but I feel like this applies to any hair straightener lol either way, make sure you put on that heat protectant thoroughly if you do go up that high or close to it to be on the safe side. That and the tempuraure dial is placed right where the palm of my hand sits, so it presses on the dial changing the temperature if I’m not cautious about it sometimes while using the iron to style my hair. Back to the advantages about it, the titanium plates are known to be better than ceramic plates from what I read for your hair cuticles. I really liked knowing that but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to go cray cray with straightening your hair! Remember, especially those who are on a hair journey, heat will damage your hair over time. Continue your regimen as much as possible to continue retaining your length! I’m hoping I don’t ever fall back into that rut ever again. But with how good this thing is I wouldn’t be shocked if there was a slip up here or there ^ ^ hehe~

Here’s some hairstyles I did using the flat iron on my weave from my last sew-in before I took it down.


☆Temp goes up to 450 degrees
☆Titanium metal
☆A temp dial
☆Swivel cord

☆Easy to change temps on dial
☆Color is kinda lame

When I use the flat iron around my entire head on my own hair, I will make sure to do a post about it as well as make a video out of it for you guys. Guess who’s sexy self I’m going to leave you guys with?You’re welcome 🙂

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  1. Abielle T says:

    Good luck with the flat iron but i have to say BEEE CAREFULL with that. You don't NEED to use it at 400+ degrees if your hair is relaxed! You are asking for a huge set-back if you aren't careful and it doesn't matter how great your iron is. On a side note, Folica is awesome! I got my sedu and chi silk infusion there! 🙂

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