Being little miss generousity!


So I pretty much bought all of my loved ones lovely their Christmas gifts and I am donzo! My poor wallet experienced mad assault from me during the crazy Black Friday sales! It was my first time ever waking up early on Black Friday (3:30AM) and I was so tired that I thought that whole experience was a dream. I’m still in disbelief that I woke up that early to go shopping…SHOPPING! Not saving lives here, no! But shopping. Idc what the occasion is, my sleep is crucial and if I don’t have it I become an unrecognizable snappy little creature or I end up sounding shit drunk πŸ˜› Regardless of my slothful state, in the end I covered a lot of ground and don’t have to stress about it later like some people who missed out are going to do when Christmas gets nearer. Here are pics of the gifts I got for everyone!

lol the person I’m giving these too needs some non-granny panties so I figured what better place to buy them from than CR! I wasn’t color choices they had though.

A scarf I got for free at Charolette Russe but still giving it away as a gift.

For my awesome brothers in my life (guy friends) and I included clone from A&E.

Close ups of the jewlery

Already gave to my friend Elise.

Cheap pre-owned games Victoria and I bought for ourselves as a gifts to us lol! Just pissed that we got Just Dance. I think it’s so lame! It was her idea, not mine. And we already beat the HP game within the very first week we got it which wasn’t much of a surprised but still c’mon!!

*face palm* I just realized I left out so many other presents in this post. I hate forgetting to take pics of stuff urgh~ oh well. I didn’t wanna overload this with images anyway. I think I did pretty good even though I had to leave a few people out πŸ™ I would have loved to do Secret Santa with my gyaru circle Cherry Gal but unfortunately it was the same weekend my mom went for a her operation so I didn’t want to make it seem like I was blowing her off in her time of need. I hope they can understand my position with transportation. Most likely, we’ll get to meet each other at A-KON next summer. I know it’s while from now but better late than never, right?

Oh and I’ve decided that I do not want to be jobless anymore! If I want to be more trendy, I gotta have some money to do it and right now I don’t have a penny to my name unless I beg my mom for one whch probably wouldn’t be fair since I already owe her so much. At first I thought retail would be perfect!! I’m sick of working with food and it’d be great to have employee discounts especially if they’re at my favorite store but so far they aren’t turning out so well with calling me back πŸ™ Maybe I should wait till January to start applying? Eh idk. I just want money! *foams at the mouth*

Okay well I’m gunna go now ttyl!

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3 responses to “Being little miss generousity!”

  1. EMi MARiE says:

    niceee, love what you got!

  2. MeroMaro says:

    Awww, sweet. Everything you bought for the people you love look so nice; btw, those shades… I want some for myself now thanks to you D; time to shop lol!

    When do you plan to work? Apply in advance XD the job I have an interview at still hasn't put up their interview times ;u;

  3. lol aww sawii :< they look nice though don't they? πŸ˜€

    I was talking to my mom about it and I think I'm gunna start applying for a job near the mall I live by early-mid January. All these other jobs aren't hiring bc I'm guessing they already have the staff they need for the season which isn't a surprise.

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