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Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of updating this blog. This is my last week of summer so I’m gunna try and post as much as I can before I go back to . . . ugh . . . school. Oh and there aren’t gunna be pictures of the actual party because my camera sorta broke so I didn’t wanna risk permanently damaging it during the party by having it near the water. Plus, I was having too much fun!

As I stated in my previous post, I had a pool party intended for the celebration of both me and my sister’s birthday’s (her’s was June 1st, mine will be August 25th) and let’s just say, the beginning was wack. First of all, when we got to the pool area in my apartments, there was a freaking FUNDRAISER going on by Statefarm T___T And there was music by a freaking DJ, free food, games, omgosh it was ridiculous how happening that place was. I’ve never seen that pool so full of people before ever since we moved in. They couldn’t have picked a better day to do this.

So that got me a bit pissed but I was really hot trying to get everything out of my sister car to the area we decided to host the party at. What didn’t help was that we were pretty behind on setting everything up. By the time it was 6pm we decided to say screw it to all the decorations we originally intended to put up for the party because at this point it was too late to rush through them especially while this extravaganza that was going on not too far from where we were at. We didn’t wanna look pathetic in comparison, and trust me, we would have. The cupcakes and ice in the cooler were starting to melt, so we pretty much didn’t bother with the food because it was all useless at this point. Only thing that ended up making it were the drinks thankfully.

My friends started coming around 6:30ish which made me glad because at least somebody showed up. Speaking of people showing up, I had initially invited well over 20 or so people to come but about 13 or so showed up which wasn’t so bad to be honest. At first I thought it would be a lot less than that but to my surprise more people came as the night went on than I expected. My only problem was that some of the people I did invite honestly could give a shit if they let me know whether or not they were coming and that pissed me off. I know that people have other plans going on throughout the week that they cannot get out of but for you to completely blow me off is like a smack in my face ESPECIALLY since I’ve definitely been there for you whenever you were having your little “shindig”. But it’s cool, because honestly the people who did show up made that night unforgettable! And for those that I could tell genuinely wanted to come but couldn’t, I still got lots of love for you! At least they tried, although I can’t speak for others.

Back onto the actual night, the Statefarm group left around 7pm however the big crowd of people were still lingering around. A lot of them were college kids so I felt intimidated by being around all beer cans, cigarette smoke intoxicating the air and those muscley tatted up men . . . oh so muscley . . . .heh heh wha? Oh but yeah we kinda just chilled in one corner but they kept begging us to join their volleyball tournament. We all said no at first but then later joined because we got kind of bored so we thought, eh what the hell? I sucked to bad at it! Even when we later switched the ball to a bigger one I still stunk XD Everyone was teasing me but I ended up being on the winning team so in their face~

We partied on till about 11:30 and then as majority of my friends were already gone we decided we had to end it. Overall the night was so much fun. It was probably the best summer night I’ve had so far. Yes, even better than when I was in New York because I experienced this with my friends :] What else could you ask for during the summer, right? Anyway, I’ll spam pics of the presents I got and end the rambling here. Thanks for reading!

From my boyfriend’s sister. They knew me and my sis love gummies! I finished them the next day :]
Crazy cool gifts from Erika! I’ve always wanted a fragrance from Harajuku Lovers. And the mask…omg. It gets a close up of it’s own.
Just look at it! I’ve never owned one before and I love that it has red and black accents. I can’t wait to wear this for some fun occasion πŸ˜€
Cute charm teddy bear from Katherine. She got it from H-Mart and I can’t wait to put it in my car when I get it this December ^ ^ Yes, the perfume bottle wanted to join in on the pic. lol~
This gift was from Danielle and I definitely needed more studded earrings but my pierced holes are too small πŸ™ I have to try *cringes* breaking them in >  < Ugh! It’s gunna suck.
This is from Odely. Her presents and even the card all looked like they were handmade and it just seemed so thoughtful of her to take the time to do all of this.
She even drew the cute little tokidoki icons around it and made little paper stars and origami inside of it. It’s so cute!
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  1. Samispoon says:

    Such cute and really thoughtful presents!! πŸ˜€

  2. I know! The teddy bear's so cute!

    & Thanks Samispoon πŸ˜€

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