Etude House Tear Drops Review : White Tear + Sun Light

I hope you guys enjoy how I put together this review of the Tear Drop liners by Etude House I bought! I wasn’t planning to get both but I really wanted to try these two different colors to see how well it worked on my skin tone. Let’s check it out~

Left swatch: White Tear; Right swatch: Sun Light

I like that it has small thin applicator brush. It makes it simple and easy to apply right underneath the waterline. It takes about a full minute or so for it to completely dry. The packaging is also lovely! But unfortunately this product will smear on you if  you are not careful and sometimes you’ll find flecks of glitter dragged onto your cheeks somehow. I really am not sure how this happens since it is a liquid consistency.
Each one has it’s own unique color to it. I think there’s about 4 or 5 different shades total that they have! These two however stuck out to me the most. Maybe one day I’ll try the others, who knows?

It may be easier to tell the color difference on the swatches I made on my hands but you can see that the Sun Light liner is a tan/light brown shade and is really nice for subtle eye make up looks with a hint of glimmer while the White Tear is a gorgeous pearly shade that I’d specifically use for bringing attention to my eyes (dolly-kei, ulzzang, and other cutesy looks).

Here’s me using the White Tear liner earlier this week at my school’s performance event. I shared this picture on my Instagram so you’ll have to excuse the quality.

Left picture says it all. Already put that bad boy to the test and am loving it! I couldn’t get such a thin line with the eye shadows I have so this is really a nice liner I’m glad to add to my collection.

I’d recommend this to ever single last one of you. It’s easy to use, affordable, and the overall effect it gives is so lovely!~ Although sadly, there is still a con which is that the glitter may travel but even so, I still can’t see my other glitter liners matching up to how perfectly this gives my eye make up an aegyo effect ^ ^ I hope to try out more stuff by Etude House really soon!


Packaging: 5/5 β™₯’s

Effect: 5/5 β™₯’s

Lastability: 4/5 β™₯’s

Pricing: 5/5 β™₯’s

I bought these off Amazon so click here & here to purchase them if you’d like. 

Below you will find a video review of my Vassen Daisy Grey lenses I uploaded a couple days ago. Please make sure to watch it and give it a like! Make sure you guys stay tuned later today for another post talking about my monthly giveaways I will be hosting! It is a worldwide event so make sure to stay posted so you all can join!!

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12 responses to “Etude House Tear Drops Review : White Tear + Sun Light”

  1. Emi Doll (恡美) says:

    This product!!! Looks really cute on you, makes your eyes glow and pop!! I love the shimmer ^^

    I'll definitely add it to my wishlist ^^ And maybe get it when I save some pennies!!

    Have a great day!!

    ζ΅ηΎŽγ‚ˆγ‚Š β™₯

  2. Sapphire says:

    This really suits you! Looks amazing with your gorgeous skin and eyes :3

    β™₯ Little Owl Diary

  3. Alexy says:

    I have been so lazy to try out etude house. I want too, but have yet to give it a try. I like the way they both look, but probably would prefer white tear. I'm really wondering if you ever made a tutorial about how you achieved your aegyosal? They look really nice and I've seen other people use makeup tutorials to create them and I'm wondering if you did that?

    xx MochaLexy

  4. TheLovelyIfy says:

    Thank you and yes they really do create a glowy effect on my eyes πŸ˜€ It's really good for me, I hope you like it as well if you buy it ^ ^ Can't wait to see the pics of you trying it out.

  5. TheLovelyIfy says:

    fjdkaljflda *huggies* thank you Phillie my love <3

  6. TheLovelyIfy says:

    Haha aww thank you so much! I'm really happy it turned out to be a really nice product in the end πŸ˜€

  7. TheLovelyIfy says:

    Etude House is worth a shot imo since it is affordable and the packaging….THEIR PACKAGING XD is sooooo nice like I can't even complain. White tear shows up most on me than the Sun Light one does. I really like them both though ^ ^

    Hmm, I actually have not yet come to think of it. Maybe I'll do a pictorial on my blog of how I do it but most of the time I usually don't do much to enhance my aegyosal. The only thing I used make up wise for my eyes was the tear drop liner, mascara, I wore circle lenses, and applied a light colored concealer underneath my eyes to make them look brighter and topped it off with some liner.

  8. Kawaiichocolat says:

    I was thinking about getting this..I am sold xD

  9. Kawaiichocolat says:

    You look so cute btw! Bring yoooself to nyc soon <3

  10. TheLovelyIfy says:

    Aww lol thank you sweetheart! I need to come up there soon > < I should be able to at that summer gal meet next year for sure. I wanna meet you gals in person so so soooo bad! I would start crying the moment I got to see y'alls pretty faces in person finally!

  11. TheLovelyIfy says:

    It's really good! I should have also mentioned how it works really good for kuro gal eye make up as well. And it's cheap with cute packaging! lol I loves it~

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