Going to New York/Cali + Driving


8I’m going to talk about two subjects in one today. First, being that I’m finally traveling to Brooklyn, New York at last! Well I have before but it was only at the airport to catch my next flight to London so that doesn’t count. It’s going to be for my cousin’s wedding and no, I’m not going to be a bridesmaid which is totally fine with me but we’re simply going there as guests. I’m not sure how free I will be while I’m there in terms of hanging out with people who reside there but if my mom allows me and my sister to go shopping or sight seeing then maybe I can meet some people within the area. If you’re interested, let me know πŸ˜€ That’s going to be near the end of June btw. The wedding day is the 26th of June and as for my arrival date, I’m not sure yet but I’ll make sure to post all the updated info later in another blog.

As for California, it’s still pretty uncertain right now but I do hope to go during the summer even if it’s around August. I always wanted to visit several places in Cali and it just seems so right to do it now at this point in my life because by then I’ll be a graduate from high school, thus, ending a huge chapter in my life. I know some people say graduating high school isn’t as big of a deal as graduating college is but c’mon? Seriously, it probably always will be in today’s society, plus it’s like tradition to graduate and have a huge celebration for almost everybody! It makes sense. Not to mention, I already know a handful of people who live there and are going to live there by then so I hope to visit each and every single one of you if things pull through for me ^ . ^

Speaking of summer . . . this is the season where I will be going to driving school. “What? You’re 17 and you still haven’t gone to driving school? You’re a looozerrr!” Uhm yeah I know I’m not at the ripest age to start driving but does that really matter? It’s not like I’m 30 and still asking for people to take me to work or something haha! Sorry, I just have to get that out there because I get so much shit about it and it’s beginning to get ridiculous. I drive when I wanna! END OF STORY! lol! No, in all honesty, the reason why I haven’t gone through the process of getting a car, going to driving school, getting a permit, and a license is bc I am a lazy fothermucker and I’m not even gunna sit here an deny it. It seems necessary and unnecessary to put myself through but now that I will no longer be tied down to my school responsibilities then it should be far easier on me. My moms said she’ll give me her car once she buys hers some time this year so idk when that will be but I’m more motivated now to drive than ever before since I can have my own car. I’m gunna deck the shit out of it too! Picture will be up once that time comes πŸ˜€ I’m not even gunna reveal what kind of car it is, you’ll just have to wait and see.

So, I guess I can end this now. Thanks for reading all this junk haha! That is if you made it all the way down here. If you did, you get to have a cookie *hands out a cookie* Till then! Toodles~

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  1. Satou Spasms says:

    ME ME ME ME!!! if you can i'd love to hang with you when you come to brooklyn! shopping~~! lmao

  2. haha i didn't know you lived in Brooklyn πŸ˜€ Sahweet! Hopefully you can show me around cuz it's probably going to be really confusing getting around in that city compared to mine.

    I'll let you know the details of everything directly since you're interested when the time comes πŸ˜€ I'm excited now!

  3. Victoria says:

    California is a great state, especially if you plan to visit its coast!

    ps: Hello from Japan!

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