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Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope your week is going well! This is my last week of summer before my final semester of college starts next week. I’m actually ready to take it on!

Earlier this summer, I teamed up with the Kawaii Gyaru Shop family and was given the great opportunity to review their services and items from their shop! You all know my roots have been gyaru and while my style has changed a lot, I still will always do my eye make up with a gyaru technique!

They sent me tons of stuff which you can see in my videos below this post. Rarely do I ever review lashes, so I figured I’d start with the pairs they sent me in my Welcome Package. Let me begin by saying these specific pair of lower lashes are currently out of stock, however Steph still has other cute lashes for you to browse through on the site and they will be restocked when they are available on the site I’m sure!

The ones I received came in a cute hot pink package and they were the Glamorous Cross Lower Lashes. They came in two pairs and Stephanie, the owner of KGS, suggested for me to cut them in three sections for a more natural look. I gave it a shot in the pictures below! Tell me what you think!

 Nice right? You can have a closer look at them here.

Super in love with these even more than before after cutting them this way! If you have similar lashes, it’s a great way to play it up a differently. 
Again, if you’d like to see more cute lashes she has, click on this link to be redirect to her page with them. You can get a discount by using this code on your purchase 


Other than that, this look was originally made for a video I filmed that should be uploaded later this week. Hopefully on Thursday if I can get done with everything on time today. This gorgeous red wig is from Gothic Lolita Wig and it’s their lace front yaki straight 32″ red wig which you can find here! Thanks for reading this quick post! Have a lovely day! I’ll be busy rebranding some graphics for my channel before work today and working on my resume. Wish me luck! 
Start at 4:36 to view lashes still in package!
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