Photography with Erika!

Yesterday, my friend Erika wanted to go out to a nice setting and practice her photography of people besides herself. I of course didn’t hesitate to volunteer and she agree to having me be her model for the day which was super fun cuz our friend Kyle joined with us as well! It felt so nice outside and the majority of the trees outside were in full bloom which is always a lovely sight to see πŸ˜€ We went to a nearby park to take the photo shoot and went to a strip mall just to go window shopping after we were done since we were all too broke to do anything else XD I really enjoyed it though! Hopefully I’ll do more in the summer if it’s okay with her. Here’s some the photos of my personal favorites and some pics I took on my camera of the gorgeous accessories and jewelry we saw at Charming Charlies. I love that store! It’s better than Sam Moon imo, but just more pricier :T

My little comment on these pictures: Thing I noticed in these pictures was that my hair looked super thin but don’t worry, I’m not going bald or anything haha I just got a perm like the day before so it looks like my hair’s super thin but it’s actually really thick!
Damn blurry shot lol! They had several cute tiaras for a little under 20 dollars. I couldn’t help but try one on! That’s all the pics from our day out.
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9 responses to “Photography with Erika!”

  1. priincess says:

    great photos! you look so pretty! : )

  2. l-article says:

    sooo many cute photos and accessories *o*

  3. You look AMAZING doll!

  4. Bianca says:

    you look friggin adorable!! XD

  5. Ivie says:

    You look gorgeous! What make up did you use?

  6. Bunnie says:

    OMG…you're amazingly pretty :3

    My fave are the last two! You look so natural

  7. Awwww thank you Bunnie πŸ˜€

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