Rakuten Wigland Review + Personal Shop. Service

Hey guys! Sorry for delay this last and final post about my purchase of rakuten’s Wigland shop but I am finally getting to it. Thankfully I had time to editing this right before doing homework and hanging out with a friend yesterday so yay me for being productive!

From video review xD

I bought these two hair pieces (bangs and chouchou) for my more natural days out and to also get a less heavily weighted feeling that I experience with my other long wigs. The first one I’ll talk about will be my bangs.

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These bangs are so convenient! If you like the way straight edge bangs frame your face but don’t want to sacrifice chopping of your real hair or even your expensive weaves, BUY THIS MOFO NAO I SAY! It is so worth it and was one of the cheapest items I bought along with the chouchou hair piece. It stays in shape no matter what unless you’re literally trying to tease it or something which is what I love about them and the color, which is in TNC, very similar to mine although not quite exact but that was my mistake because they did have a darker color. The site is all in Japanese and even with a translator I can’t figure out what fibers these are made out of (sorry Banny > <) but I feel like on a low setting they’d be safe to use heat appliances to…just gotta be cautious of that ofc but I’ve yet to try it because there is no need to since they’re still in great shape.

From when I first received them

Here’s the next one I got along with the bangs…

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This hair piece is called a chou chou and I’m sure some of you are already familiar with it. They sell them at a lot of local black beauty hair supply stores but I figured since it was so cheap, I’d get it as well with the bangs I bought. I really like it for the simple fact that it can turn your whole look into either something elegant and classy to cute and dolly. Pairing the two together with the right hair accessories make such a dramatic difference. The hair feels soft and the curls have maintained their shape since the day I got them in the mail believe it or not, it’s’ wonderful! Best thing is the fibers don’t look overly shiny and feel so soft. Gotta love those quality in hair pieces because lawd have I had my share of shitty wigs xP Only word of caution I have for this chou chou is that if you have thick slightly long hair like me, your bun may peak out a bit too much so you’ll wanna wear this in a certain way where it is hard to see it. In my video I made which you can watch below, I basically had my bun peaking out the whole time lol but normally I try and maneuver my real hair to wear the bun is so small you can barely see it. Dunno why I didn’t at that time .__.


So if you would like to purchase a wig from wigland’s rakuten shop, the personal shopping service guy I used is Keisuke. He is really fast at responding to messages, mind you I don’t think there was a lot of people he was working with at the time I place my order with him but I have never done anything with shopping services so if you are confused at all he will break things down for you. Basically a shopping service gives you what you want on a site that does not ship to your country, orders it with the total amount of your purchase, receives it, then ships it out to you including the shipping cost and their own fee which is usually a small one. REVIEW YOUR SHOPPING SERVICES BEFORE YOU USE THEM TO SAVE YOURSELF ANY HEARTACHE. I read up on several horror stories about people working with scammers so be careful. This is why I loved using Kei so much because he was a friend of a friend who I trusted and gained a friendship with in the end.

But that’s all I have for today guys. I have to go shop for the giveaway prizes now with my sister 🙂 I would spoil them but I am going to leave everything a secret before I begin the giveaway. Till next time!

EDIT – I annoyingly forgot to share with you all the free ish I got too…my mind must have been somewhere else when I posted this lol there was so many pictures of all the gifts! Anyway, here they are!

So many pictures to look at! 😮

Haha okay there it is! Sorry for that -.-“

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4 responses to “Rakuten Wigland Review + Personal Shop. Service”

  1. ahhh! I love how the bang looks. Since I have no idea how to apply lashes yet, natural ones shall do me best. But I do hope to get better to purchase fuller lashes. bUT HEY! Free is free lol. "&& It's Pinkkkk" <3 😀

  2. TheLovelyIfy says:

    Thank you, so do I! Natural lashes are nice for dates and what not. If I had shorter lashes, I'd probably prefer them over dramatic ones tbh. Haha I so love pink, oh my heavens xD & purple!

  3. Banny says:

    Oh hay gurl ^^
    I love both hair pieces! I have two bang peices I got from yesstyle and I love them. I wanted those pony tail ones..but I need to get my hair relaxed so I can wear it because you know..them pony tails be EXTRA straight..and fake LOL.

  4. TheLovelyIfy says:

    lol I know what you mean. Probably should have waited for my touch up before making the review on them on my youtube video but haha I waited way too long! You would look cute with ponytails 🙂

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