Red lips + My blog got a make over


For the longest time I’ve always dreamed of having sexy red lips like the movie stars do! Not for everyday wear, but say for special occasions. I’m not sure why this is but every time I put on red lipstick, it ends up making me look like a clown and I hate when that happens! But recently I finally got it down thanks to me watching a couple tutorials here and there on the web and stealing one of my mom’s red lipsticks that she barely ever uses ^ ^

This picture from this years Popteen’s March Issue, really inspired to to acheive it! Expect a tutorial for this soon haha!

Yes, this picture is terrible quality but here’s a link for a clearer view for those who really want to see it in detail:

Anyway, I was playing with my make up the other day and decided it’s time for a photoshoot! Well, kinda. I didn’t go all out but I felt the make up needed to be recognized and critiqued by those of you who like to give constructive criticism.


In case you’re wondering, I did edit them. I edit 95% of my pictures since I have awful acne marks πŸ˜› Personally I love how it turned out on me but I’d still like to know your thoughts. Also, what do you think about the new look of my blog? Hate it, love it, don’t care? I wanted to try making my own banner with a picture from these group of photos. Plus, although the old template I had was nice (hime/princessy style)Β  it seemed like more people started to use it which completely ruined it for me. I wanna try to master designing this blog and be just as good as Xia Xue πŸ˜€ She’s awesome! I still feel like I’m missing a thing or two but I’ll figure it out soon enough hopefully. Don’t forget to check out my pages too! They’re located right underneath the banner and I gave sort of a shout out to my buddies websites. Leave a comment loves!~

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9 responses to “Red lips + My blog got a make over”

  1. Bunnie says:

    Red lips look really good on you! You'r going a little too hard with the blush though, other than that it's all good! I really love your hair too!

  2. I think your makeup looks fabulous and you are so pretty! Great job with the red lips^^

    I like your new blog design! It's great to make your own layout, but sometimes it's frustrating haha. Oh Xiaxue has a web designer for her blog, I'm jealous of that haha.

  3. @Bunnie: Thanks! Yeah my concern was mainly with whether or not I should use that blush or a more toned down color but I ended up choosing this one because I thought that the other one might not show up as well.

    @γ•γ‚‰γΎγ‚Š: Thanks love! It was frustrating! Gah it was driving me nuts yesterday but I got it πŸ˜€ Hm that makes sense. I was like crap she is really good! Haha I still love her blog though.

  4. mek-mek says:

    I love your pics. You look so cute and pretty^^ And the makeup is right on point!!

  5. i really like the pitcures and ur new blog is nice!
    You wear makeup really well and look like a doll! But you don't need much blush <3

  6. Ivie says:

    It's really cute. Go softer on the blush though?
    Are you Nigerian? your last name sounds it

  7. Yes I am Nigerian but I was born in America. & thank you guys! I wasn't aware of how strong the blush looked with flash but in natural lighting it looked less harsh.

  8. Ivie says:

    Aww. Same here. I'm Nigerian and I was born in America. Check out my blog please&thankyou!

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