Trip to New York (TEXT OVERLOAD!)

This post is pretty lengthy cuz I had so much to say. Sry!

I’m finally back home from my cousin’s wedding I went to in New York, Long Island. First off, this was THE best most extravagant wedding I’ve ever been to into my life! Although I’ve only been to at least 4 I highly doubt any other wedding I go too will top this one! It was so gorgeous! They must have spend sooooooo much money for the wedding to turn out the way it did.

Well if you were following me on facebook you pretty much were updated on what was going on. We left Friday afternoon and arrived to our hotel sometime in the evening. Speaking of which, we had the most rudest cab driver ever! Before we even left the airport he showed signs of having major lip, but not to us, to a crossing guard! He was putting in the address of our hotel into his GPS system and parked in front of the line of other taxis behind us so this guy knocks on his window and tells him he needs to move because there is NO parking there. Our cab driver blew him off by saying he will in a minute and the other guy said if you don’t move I’m going to have to call security. The tension was very high and I just wanted to leave and find another cab driver so we would end up getting in between some huge argument between these two guys. We just wanted to go to our freaking hotel for crying out loud! So after our cab driver refuses to move the car, the crossing guard begins to notify security on his walkytalky. Thankfully for us we never saw anyone get fined or arrested because he finally decided to move while saying “Fuck you, asshole…” underneath his breath, but still loud enough for me, my sister, and my MOTHER. to hear. Now I really don’t care if someone curses around me cuz hell, I swear all the time, but it made him look highly unprofessional and what if we were children? Anyway, the jackass took forever to get us to our destination and was obviously irritated that we were so far away but we could careless. My mom ended up paying him $93 bc we drove for like an hour. Something told me we got ripped off but what could I have done?

We were at the Residence Inn at the Marriot and it was very nice πŸ˜€ I wouldn’t go as far as saying it was a 5 star . . . maybe not even 4 but still I was comfortable and that’s all I hoped for. Our room was nice but the only thing I didn’t like was the loud ass air vent that kept waking me up every few minutes throughout the night -___-” Oh and of course Friday was the 1 year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. I feel bad because I didn’t dedicate a single post to him at all online but I was so listening to his music on the plane and reminiscing. RIP MJ <3 But on a happier note, we got hungry and wanted to order New York pizza! The receptionist recommended us this amazingly awesome pizza place called Cugini. So we order two larges (we really just need one since they were unexpectly so huge) and my God that was the best pizza that I have ever tasted. Dominos, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, all a y’all don’t have shit on these guys right here haha! I was stuffed.

The next morning, we were told they were gunna have complimentary breakfast so we woke up early to make sure we got some of that and meet up with our relatives who were also staying in the Inn. There wasn’t enough seats to a table to hold all of us so instead we sat in the table next to us and meet some crazy cool people! The typical New Yorkers I would say. I learned a lot about the area by talking to them and they were so funny! After breakfast was over we ran some errands by walking to a nearby CVS to pick up some last minute items for the wedding and got honked at (smh…stupid cat calls) cuz my sister totally jinxed it! We I needed cream eyeliner and a cheap hair straightener cuz I didn’t bring mine.

The hair straightener actually worked wonders however I stupidly got the wrong color of the creme eyeliner so it hardly even showed up on me since it was a brown >:X I still looked pretty damn good if I do say so myself :] We went home, got ready, and rode to the Country Club hotel (it was called something like that) with a super cool taxi cab driver named Junior. I will never forget him! He was our tour guide the whole time and I wish I took a picture with him but sadly I didn’t think about that at the time. He told us how cool it was that we were going to that hotel because only the rich can afford to go there. I was surprised but then again not because it was  after all a wedding that my mothers relatives were hosting. & we all know they got BANK! We arrived there and there were doormen in cute little suits and gloves. It was so cool! We walked in and my breathe was taken away by the architecture of the building and interior designs. I felt like I was in a movie or dreaming. We took pictures of our outfits in the lobby here. This was my outfit :]

I know mine seemed a little dark but I liked it and my mom loved it so I guess it didn’t matter. My cousin kept saying I looked like a black Lady Gaga though but I didn’t take offense to that. Just laughed. My sister looked really pretty in her dress. Actually it was my moms. I think we might have overdone it because we had too many people hit on us which made me feel very uncomfortable but I’ll get to that story in a second. So we went to the beuatifully decorated room where the actualy wedding ceremony was going to be held where they were announced husband and wifey!~

After that we went to this lovely room with all of these yummy yet unique foods.

I had calamari, delicious cho mein, fried zucchini, lamb, neatly sliced fruit (those always attracted me ^ ^) and so much more! I wanted to try everything! Unfortunately I didn’t pig out like I’d hoped because that pizza from the night before and the large breakfast took up lots of space in my stomach. But I still enjoyed the different tastes. I thought that this was the last room we would be in for the night but boy was I wrong. I noticed everyone was moving to a much larger room down the hall and it was the most beautiful room out of all the rooms I have seen during my time in New York. The pictures sadly don’t show the true beauty of it like I’d hoped but it’s better if you see what it kinda looked like.

& there was more food! This was the only time I wished I threw up just so I could have room for more food! Ew that was gross…but I totally meant it! There was dancing, awesome Nigerian music, the traditional Cha Cha song, and speeches. What more could you ask for? Oh I guess a band or artist could of been there . . . but besides that what more could you ask for?? So remember when I said that guys were hitting on me? When my sister finally dragged me out on the dance floor, she, my mom and I were dancing with each other (doing the African two step as always to play it safe lol) until I notice three guys about my age walk next to me from the corner of my eye. I remembered one of them from earlier that night because he was staring at me like I was naked or something. But then again A LOT of people were staring at, not just me but my sister too cuz well I guess they knew we weren’t from the area or something idk what their reason was but I paid to mind to any of them including him. However, out of no where he grabs my hand and starts to dance with me. My heart nearly stopped. I don’t like dancing with guys…especially ones I don’t know. That’s just how I’ve always been, not to mention I could help but fear what my mother’s face looked like when he did that because she doesn’t play when it comes to me and boys. heh heh ^ ^; as I looked at my sister and my mom I knew I had to find a way out! My mom looked like she was going to murder him within the next milisecond so I told him I had to go to the bathroom. The moment of us dancing didn’t even lats for 10 seconds because I felt so uncomfortable and nervous and plus he looked like the kind that “grinds” judging from the way he was undressing me with his eyes. Then there was this older guy who was talking to me and my sister, but mostly me annoyingly since he sat by me and it was clear that he was a little tipsy. He was cool but very LOUD and I didn’t want people thinking I was into him because for I sure as hell was not for soooooo many reasons! Eventually my older cousin comes over and signals to him that if he dare try something on us he’s a dead man. I was thankful because it worked and he left the table. I just kept thinking about my bf back home the whole time and wished he were there with me so I didn’t have to go through all that crap. He found it funny when I came back and told him about it all last night though XD

It was finally over and we left with amazing memories! The next morning was rough because we still had to wake up early for breakfast but I was so sleepy and tired. We said our goodbyes to our friends we meet Saturday morning and ate our last breakfast at the Inn with our relatives. We packed up everything and thankfully rode to the airport with our buddy Junior πŸ˜€ But we checked out this cool flea market to kill some  time which he really did NOT have to do…not even sure if cab drivers can do that but he did and wew ere so thankful! My mom bought me a cute stripped fedora hat that I will most likely will be wearing a lot in the fall and winter :] The flight back was delayed but thankfully the air pressure pains in my ears were almost non-existant for some reason thank God! But there was more turbulence and our luggage wasalso delayed when we got to the DFW airport which sucked because everyone was ready to go home and rest. But overall, the trip was a success and it was a beautiful and unforgettable experience. Although I didn’t stay as long as we intended to, I still had a blast!

My mom expects me and my sister to go again over the summer to stay with my aunt for 2 weeks so hopefully I’ll be more organized when I inform everyone about that lol I know I screwed up big time on that too xP so sorry! Btw I hope you like the new theme :]

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  1. Love Tera! says:

    i l o v e your outfit!

  2. Starrla Jeph says:

    You look like a doll in that photo. your adorable<3

    and the next time you go to NY we gotta hang!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am LOVING the new page desing! And the picture you have is really really kawaii

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